Abortions in Ohio in an Overall Decrease

More and more women and families are choosing life in Ohio, according to the most recent 2011 & 2012 Ohio Abortion Reports released by the Ohio Department of Health. There were 24,764 abortions performed in 2011, followed by a close low number of 25,473 abortions performed in 2012.

“While we will not rest until the number of reported abortions is zero, each year these statistics reaffirm our statewide pro-life strategies which focus on supporting young women through our pregnancy centers, promoting adoption and identifying common sense legislative solutions to end abortion,” Executive Director Mike Gonidakis said. “Moms are being protected, more babies are alive today and we can all agree that this is good public policy.”

The report provides information such as age, previous abortions and number of abortions by county and zip code  In 2012, the majority of abortions occurred in the metropolitan areas of Cleveland (Cuyahoga County), Columbus (Franklin County) and Cincinnati (Hamilton County). Together, performed abortions in these counties account for 77% of all abortions in Ohio.

The number of abortions in Ohio has decreased by nearly 50% since 1982, when reported abortions peaked. However, an increase is seen in the number of abortions being performed upon African American women. While only 12.2% of the population is black, 42% of abortions in Ohio were performed upon black women.

“Ohio Right to Life will continue enacting a targeted, truthful and compassionate educational approach for young women and men to combat the manipulative marketing campaigns of Planned Parenthood,” said Gonidakis.

For a detailed look at annual reports, please visit the "Polls and Reports" section.


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