Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

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This legislation would prohibit an abortion from being performed on an unborn child on the basis of that child having Down syndrome. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information and featured in the New York Times found that approximately 92% of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. While elective abortion is never the right choice, it’s particularly egregious that unborn children can be denied life simply due to the presence of a disability.

Bill Sponsors

Ron Amstutz

Sarah LaTourette

Ohio State Representative (R)
(614) 644-5088 

Marlene Anielski

David Hall

Ohio State Representative (R)
(614) 466-2994

Bill Co-Sponsors

Rep. Margaret Conditt, Rep. Robert McColley, Rep. Mark Romanchuk, Rep. Michael Henne, Rep. Jim Butler, Rep. Bill Patmon, Rep. Andrew Thompson, Rep. Ron Hood, John Becker, Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl, Rep. Kyle Koehler, Rep. Wes Rutherford, Rep. Timothy Schaffer, Rep. A. Nino Vitale, Rep. Thomas Brinkman Jr., Rep. Timothy Ginter, Rep. Ronald Amstutz, Rep. Timothy Derickson, Rep. Tony Burkley, Rep. Andrew Brenner, Rep. Bill Hayes, Rep. Jim Buchy, Rep. Bill Blessing, III, Rep. Anthony DeVitis, Rep. Kirk Schuring, Rep. Stephen, and Rep. Stephen Hambley Sen. Joe Uecker, Sen. Cliff Hite, Sen. Shannon Jones, Sen. Dave Burke, Sen. Randy Gardner, Sen. Scott Oelslager, and Sen. John Eklund