Human Trafficking and the Right to Life

Human trafficking is the modern day practice of slavery. Victims of human trafficking are often forced or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation for the financial gain of another person. It comprises the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and it is the third most profitable criminal industry, behind drug and weapon trafficking. Sex trafficking victims, on average, are first exploited by their trafficker at the age of 13.


2,879 domestic Ohio youth are at-risk for sex trafficking because of their vulnerable status as runaways or homelessness. Another 1,078 youth have already been trafficked into the sex trade.

Toledo is currently listed among the worst cities for human trafficking in the United States. Given the city’s population in comparison to other human trafficking hubs, such as Miami, Sacramento, Portland and Las Vegas, Toledo can be considered one of the worst of its kind per capita.

Right to Life

Much like abortion, human trafficking thrives because of society’s general lack of respect and value for the inherent dignity of human life. Just as the abortion industry uses the unborn child for profit, the trafficker also profits off of the vulnerable woman who he sees as disposable.

In addition: 

  1. Human trafficking harms women, men and children and takes away their right to their own lives.
  2. Human trafficking is a threat to the right to life of unborn children
  3. Human trafficking enables forced abortions to thrive, especially in a society that does not hold abortion clinics accountable for under reporting sexual abuse.


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