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Letter: Is Planned Parenthood decreasing the demand for sex or increasing it?

Human trafficking takes place in rough neighborhoods and back alleys, as one would surmise. But last month The Plain Dealer informed us that right beneath the hem of normality, middle-class neighborhoods and local cafes serve as stomping grounds for Ohio's booming sex traffickers. Somehow, it's become possible for approximately 1,000 American-born teenagers a year to be forced into a life of horror beneath the surveillance of our picket-fenced society.

The theme has been bursting through mainstream media, and Gov. John Kasich even made it central in his State of the State address this year, as he declared "war on the slave trade."

Reducing the demand for sex is necessary to combat the crime, according to reports given by experts and activists at the Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Statehouse.

Yet, is American society actively reducing the demand for sex, or increasing it? 


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-excerpt from, April 24, 2012.

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