Ed FitzGerald Flip-Flops on Abortion

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Recently, Ed FitzGerald, Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor, backtracked from his "100 percent pro-choice" position when questioned by a reporter from the Hillsboro Times-Gazette. This comes after more than a year of campaigning as "100 percent pro-choice," and more recently, choosing a running mate who the Plain Dealer describes as someone who "ran twice for Congress but is known as well in political circles for being an abortion-rights activist."

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Ohio Right to Life Markets Alternatives to Planned Parenthood

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Today, Ohio Right to Life launched a communications campaign to highlight Ohio's more than 600 free and low-cost health care providers. This campaign follows last summer's passage of Ohio Right to Life legislation which stripped family planning funding from abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

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ORTL Calls on Governor Kasich to Investigate Preterm Abortion Clinic 

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Today, Ohio Right to Life issued a letter to Governor John Kasich requesting his administration to investigate the recent death of Lakisha Wilson, a 22-year-old patient at Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland.

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Ohio Right to Life Expands Urban Outreach with Youth

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Recently, Ohio Right to Life expanded its Urban Outreach Initiative in two ways: 1.) presenting the right to life to inner-city Catholic school students, and 2.) distributing literature in minority communities with local high school students. Both efforts fall under Ohio Right to Life's broader goal of "planting the pro-life seed" with minority youth and adults.

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Quinnipiac Poll Proves Planned Parenthood and FitzGerald Are Out of Touch

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Today, Quinnipiac University released a poll demonstrating that 75 percent of all Ohioans want abortion to be restricted in some, most, or all cases. Only 19 percent of Ohioans want abortion legal in all cases. This poll sheds light on the current gubernatorial race where the Planned Parenthood-supported Democratic candidate, Ed Fitzgerald, holds the view of only 19 percent of all Ohioans who want unrestricted abortions.

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