BREAKING: Ohio Right to Life's Statement on the Arrest of Alleged Child Rapist

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DATE: Wednesday, June 29, 2022          PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement in response to the arrest of the alleged rapist in the case of the ten-year-old victim in Ohio. According to court records, Columbus police were notified of the victim’s abuse and pregnancy on June 22nd through a referral from Franklin County Children Services. The perpetrator was officially charged with first degree rape after making a confession. Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner has set bail at two million dollars and he is being held in the Franklin County jail.

The following statement can be attributed to Ohio Right to Life Director of Communications, Elizabeth Whitmarsh:

“Ohio Right to Life is appreciative of the Columbus Police Department for doing their due diligence and getting a dangerous criminal off the street, ensuring he can harm no one else. Anyone who rapes a child deserves the most severe punishment the law allows in Ohio. There is no greater evil than a person who intentionally hurts a child.

“Our prayers go out to this young girl and her family as they attempt to heal from such a traumatic and life-altering situation. We cannot imagine the pain and the horror that they are going through at this moment.

“As a community we must do better and offer genuine support, true care, and honest solutions for those that come to us in need. Instead, we failed by offering the band-aid solution of abortion that only added to the pain and violence perpetuated against her. The victim deserved better. Tragic situations like this further highlight the depravity of our culture and stress the importance of continuing our fight for a true culture of life that respects the dignity and value of every individual person.”


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  • Theresa Perry
    commented 2022-07-19 12:24:27 -0400
    9 months this child should suffer? Backaches, morning sickness, and other more serious maladies she could face? So does she sit among her 5th grade friends with her swollen belly, because of course, none of the 5th grade boys will notice, and make hurtful remarks, let alone the other children in the school? No gym classes for her. Does she use her recess time getting advice from her teacher on breastfeeding? Do her friends help her tie her light-up gym shoes with Disney characters, when she no longer and reach them? Hopefully she doesn’t go into labor in the classroom or on the school bus. Then what about later? If she survives giving birth, will ORTL be there if she suffers postpartum depression? Will they be there as her family copes with this new “woman-child”? Does she become the “Dear Abby” of the 6th grade class as other girls ask her about their own puberty-related concerns? Is the ORTL group ready to continue THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES to this child, like they want HER to continue carrying a rapist seed?
  • Steve Overton
    commented 2022-07-19 04:08:17 -0400
    Despicable press release – the child is raped and your group proposes that she endure that pain and humiliation for 9 more months so that you can espouse a religious moral victory…unbelievable !! May you and your ilk find yourselves cast into the pits of Hell for your violation of God’s will, trying to define his judgement by mere mortals.
  • Marko Capoferri
    commented 2022-07-18 21:23:15 -0400
    This is despicable. I can barely process the cognitive dissonance, let alone the depravity and brutality, that would lead a supposedly rational human being to believe that it’s somehow a humane act to force a 10-year-old rape victim to endure the further trauma of a life-threatening pregnancy. I get that you have moral objections to abortion. Fine. How does that justify the utter inhumanity you espouse here? The horrendous brutality? This is another level; it goes way beyond “protecting the unborn.” We’re verging on the most despicable forms of violence against an innocent child here, simply for some semblance of moral victory. It’s not the victory you think it is. I’d award you a trophy for vileness, for utter, blind monstrosity. That’s the victory you’ve earned here. Take your supposed moral high ground and do some honest reflection, if you’re actually capable of it. This statement says otherwise…
  • Elizabeth Burke
    commented 2022-07-18 17:30:09 -0400
    I absolutely know that if your 10yo daughter was repeatedly raped and impregnated at 9 YEARS OLD, you would run to get her an abortion as you damn well should! Hypocrites. None of you actually have ever adopted and your GOP shoots down ANY post birth care. Eff Off.
  • Jason Mueller
    commented 2022-07-18 15:55:26 -0400
    Fuck each and every one of you fucking pieces of shit
  • Dwayne Crumb
    commented 2022-07-15 19:00:09 -0400
    Southern Baptist evangelicals have 700 molestation/rape cases on record and a long history of moving their “grooming” predators around the country to escape justice and molest/rape new victims. Look it up. Theyve also sued the state of Ohio to force through gerrymandered maps taking away half the voting power of non republicans. Jesus would not touch these kid diddling anti Americans with a ten foot pole.
  • Annmarie Sykes
    commented 2022-07-14 21:21:15 -0400
    Right. There is no greater evil than intentionally hurting a child. By making her 65lb child’s body go through a pregnancy that will most likely be life threatening. This tragic situation highlights the depravity of the pro life movement. Which does not respect the dignity of the individual rape victim. You willfully prolong the pain and horror of the rape by extending it for 9 months. You are reprehensible
  • Lizzie Whitmarsh
    published this page in Press Releases 2022-07-13 14:15:04 -0400


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