Co-Sponsors Pain Capable

Rep. Margaret Conditt, Rep. Robert McColley, Rep. Mark Romanchuk, Rep. Michael Henne, Rep. Jim Butler, Rep. Bill Patmon, Rep. Andrew Thompson, Rep. Ron Hood, John Becker, Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl, Rep. Kyle Koehler, Rep. Wes Rutherford, Rep. Timothy Schaffer, Rep. A. Nino Vitale, Rep. Thomas Brinkman Jr., Rep. Timothy Ginter, Rep. Ronald Amstutz, Rep. Timothy Derickson, Rep. Tony Burkley, Rep. Andrew Brenner, Rep. Bill Hayes, Rep. Jim Buchy, Rep. Bill Blessing, III, Rep. Anthony DeVitis, Rep. Kirk Schuring, Rep. Stephen, and Rep. Stephen Hambley

Sen. Joe Uecker, Sen. Cliff Hite, Sen. Shannon Jones, Sen. Dave Burke, Sen. Randy Gardner, Sen. Scott Oelslager, and Sen. John Eklund

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