Strickland jokes that Scalia's death came "at a good time"

A new video posted on YouTube features Ted Strickland, pro-abortion candidate for US Senate, joking that Justice Antonin Scalia's death came "at a good time." 

As you know, Justice Scalia's passing struck the pro-life community hard. The loss of Justice Scalia was the loss of a brilliant legal scholar who opposed Roe v. Wade in strong, unrelenting language. Justice Scalia's death set into motion a race to fill his vacancy, increasing the stakes for Election 2016. 

Strickland's joke is beyond the pale and exemplifies his disregard for human life. It exhibits the cold calculation of a politician who will use the death of a leader to score cheap political points to ensure his election.


This is the latest strike against Ted Strickland in his bid for US Senate. Last week, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Ted Strickland supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, longstanding bipartisan policy that prohibits taxpayer dollars from funding abortions through Medicaid. He's also campaigned against pro-life Senator Rob Portman's support for federal funding to fight the Zika virus on the basis that it doesn't include funding for his political bedfellow Planned Parenthood. 

Now, he's laughing at the death of one of our nation's leaders.

The pro-life community must come out in full force this November to defeat Ted Strickland. Callous disregard for human life, born and unborn, is no laughing matter.

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  • Katie Franklin
    commented 2016-08-18 15:25:02 -0400
    Dawn, before condemning Ohio Right to Life, you might consider reading about Ohio Right to Life’s support for Medicaid expansion in Ohio.
  • Dawn Sonntag
    commented 2016-08-11 15:35:07 -0400
    I am a Conservative Christian. While I have never had an abortion, I take issue with the fact that the Republican Party does very, very little to help pregnant women, children, and families, while claiming to be morally superior to pro-choice advocates. In addition, portraying disrespectful photos of Hillary Clinton and not getting to the bottom of WHY she is pushing for these more liberal abortion laws or responding with suggestions and real plans of how to minimize the DESIRE for abortions by proving pregnant women, children and families with real choices and real support does nothing to draw voters. I am repelled by it. I am repelled when I hear Republican politicians and voters saying things like, "If she (and it is always “she”) could not afford a baby, she should not have gotten pregnant) or “Welfare makes people dependent” or “We need to get rid of the Affordable Care Act,” etc. etc. I have NEVER heard these words uttered by someone who did not have health insurance, who was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or unplanned job loss or unplanned crisis pregnancy that resulted in months of hospitalization and loss of job and health benefits. I have never heard the Republicans offer solutions or hope for women with babies who are facing very difficult situations. I HAVE heard solutions from Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. The abortion rate dropped 13% under President Obama. It was at its HIGHEST level ever under President Reagan. President Bush CUT funding for a program that allowed women to view ultrasounds before the abortion, which has been shown to reduce abortion rates by something like 85%. I will not support the Ohio Right to Life movement until it shows REAL concern for women and children and does not simply hypocritically condemn those who have abortions.


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