Women Betrayed: All Access 2016


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On September 10th, join us as we protest on behalf of all Women Betrayed against All Access 2016 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Singer SIA headlines the abortion concert and the pro-life generation will be outside, advocating for the rights of women and their preborn child not to be pawns in the abortion industry, not to be vehicles for the heads of abortion rights groups to line their pockets and stuff their bank accounts. 

“Safe, legal and rare” used to be the mantra of the pro-choice side, admitting that maybe abortion isn’t always the best option, isn’t always an easy decision yet women should have the option and it should be exercised wisely and rarely. 

Fast forward to 2016 when abortion has been deemed a moral and “social good”, women who had abortions are urged to #ShoutYourAbortion, and women cheered when the US Supreme Court overturned a law in Texas that would have required abortion facilities to be held to the same medical and safety standards as any other outpatient facility. This is a time when the head of one of the nation’s largest abortion-rights groups in the nation gets an ovation at a national party convention when she talked about her own abortion. 

But it’s not enough any longer for the pro-abortion crowd to cheer for deliberate end of innocent lives. Most of the national abortion rights groups in the nation are holding large events in a handful of cities in the US to promote access to abortion – never mind that it’s a safe abortion (they proved they don’t care about women’s safety at the Supreme Court ruling), or that women won’t be deceived into signing away their preborn baby to be sold for body parts. Nope, this is all about ACCESS.

But the pro-life movement is going to be there for these women who have been betrayed by the abortion industry and their fancy concerts with Hollywood celebs and Billboard music artists.

September 10, 2016 at 5:00pm - 8pm
Cleveland, Ohio
Tina Whittington ·

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